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Dehydrated Duck Feet

all natural pet food

Much like chicken feet but a little longer lasting and a few less crumbs, these are a fantastic alternate protein source. 

Dehydrated Beef Snout Pieces 

all natural pet food

A pretty good chew even for our toughest taste testers, these pieces of beef snouts are random sized pieces of beef snouts, untreated in any way, so they won't look like the bleached snouts you see on the shelves that are shaped like a perfect cattle nose. But you will still be able to make out a nostril here or there. 

Dehydrated Liver

raw fed pets

No other ingredients - just liver - making them a healthy treat you can feel good about giving to your pet. An excellent complement to the raw diet. Great training treats.  Available in lamb or beef.

          BEEF LIVER:

Dehydrated Chicken Feet

raw fed pets

Your dog will be sure to find these just fabulous!

Crunchy little lady fingers, these may look a little wacky but the dogs love them!!

Dehydrated Green Tripe

natural pet food

Stinky and smelly - just like the dogs want it!! The dehydrated tripe still has the smell you expect from green tripe but just not as strong.  We do the smelly work for you and cut this stuff up into single serving size pieces!  This stuff is so awesome for the dogs and they love it! 

GREEN BEEF TRIPE - Now in stand up, resealable bags!

75g   package for  $7 
125g package for $11   $9.35
300g package for $22  $18.70


Dehydrated Beef Trachea natural pet food

Available in 2 sizes

~ 8" length (approx. 6/lb)

~ 5" length (approx. 10/lb)

$18/lb both sizes 

Dehydrated Lung

The lung is thinly sliced and dehydrated to a great consistency for snapping to desired size.

Another great training treat, available in beef or lamb!

raw fed petsBEEF LUNG:
•4oz (114g) package for $ 8

•8oz (227g) package for $15

•1 lb (454g) package for $ 25



Dehydrated Beef Tendon 

These beef tendons provide a healthy, long-lasting chew for your dog. These have pretty good staying power, even for my toughest chewer! Approximately 10 tendons per pound, depending on length and thickness.all natural pet food

Also available in small size! Still tendons but from younger cattle, the smaller size is a great chew for small dogs, or when you don't want to give your dogs the large size tendon as a treat - because we all know once you give it to them, you're not getting it back!
The small tendons are about 25pcs. to a pound and still the same great price!

Dehydrated Beef Pizzle **SOLD OUT**all natural pet food

100% pure bull penis, these pizzles are going like hotcakes - the dogs just love it! 

Now available in 2 sizes:

12" sticks - each pizzle is cut to 12" and are of average thickness.  Approx. 12 sticks per pound, these are what we sell to our retail customers.  $30/lb **SOLD OUT**

Off cuts: These off cuts are the pieces that are left after we cut the pizzle to 12".  Some pieces may be quite long, some are shorter.  These also include sticks that are too thin (or too thick!!) for our retail stores. Still a great chew for dogs and excellent value for your dollar.  There are a lot of pieces in a pound but it of course depends on how big each piece is.  $15/lb **SOLD OUT**
only 1lb of pizzle off cuts may count towards the everyday special.  These are 'as available' - we will try to keep this page updated if they are out of stock.  

Dehydrated Chicken Breast

raw fed pets

Fresh from Ontario chickens, this dehydrated all white meat chicken breast makes a great training treat. It breaks easily into small pieces. Feel confident knowing your dog is not eating irradiated chicken from overseas!

Rabbit Ears

A crispy light snack with the fur still on!  These have been super popular when we've previously had them as a special so they are now here to stay!
Available in a 50g or 140g stand up, resealable bag.

  50g bag  $9.50
140g bag   $21


Pig Ears **SOLD OUT**

Great big ears with no drums and no grease - not smoked or flavored. These are all natural and a fantastic chew for your dog! 

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